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College Student

Pursue Bible College
In St. Louis, MO (USA) &
Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo

Multiplying and Equipping Laborers for the Harvest

3128 Chippewa, St. Louis, MO 63118

About Our College

Shifting the Paradigm for Servant Leadership Education

Overcomers International Ministries in partnership with the Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI) will launch its first satellite Bible College at Pursue Church fall of 2018 in St, Louis, MO and at CELIE Church in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  It is our mission to multiply laborers for the harvest by making Christian Leadership Training accessible to students, at a lower cost than traditional seminarian learning centers. It is designed so neither location nor cost will preclude the participant from experiencing excellence in education.

Our parent: In summer of 1995, TUMI was launched in Wichita, Kansas, by Dr. Don Davis and Rev. Terry Cornett, missionaries with World Impact, TUMI is dedicated to equipping leaders and pastors through theological education for the urban church.

There are currently 310 campuses in 20 countries. If you are a student enrolled in one of our educational facilities, you may transfer your courses to another facility. If you move and/or desire to change locations, your transcript can follow you.

Pursue Bible College (TUMI) courses will transfer to the following colleges and Universities upon completion of the Capstone Curriculum:

Lancaster Bible College

Global University

Carin University

Pillar Collage

City Vision University

International Christian College & Seminary

Tabor College

Fuller Theological Seminary

NYACK - New York Christian College

Although Pursue College (TUMI) has chosen to be and remain non-accredited in order to keep our resources available to deserving urban leaders who seek training, our commitment to academic excellence and quality of leadership education is a priority. Our commitment is demonstrated through our partnership with accredited liberal arts schools and seminaries who offer our students credit for the successful completion of the Capstone Curriculum.

This educational service is provided by Overcomers International Ministries as a division of Pursue Church's Christian Education Training & Development Program.


Registration Is Now Open

Last day to Register: 
Winter term of 2023 | January 10, 2023 
Summer of 2023 / Missions Work in The Democratic Republic of Congo no courses offered
 Spring term March 21, 2023 | Fall term August 22, 2023 | Late-fall  term October 24

Registration will remain open until midnight. Register early, space is limited. Classes will be held via Zoom on Tuesdays evenings starting promptly at 6:30 - 9:00 p.m. This is an 8 week, 16 module academic capstone curriculum taught at a seminary level with an urban context.


We Shift the Paradigm for Servant Leadership Education



Upon the completion of all 16 modules you will be eligible to participate in a cap and gown ceremony to receive your initial 1st level certificate in Christian Leadership Studies.

If you desire you may continue with us to obtain your Urban Theological Studies Certificate, our Level II; program; or continue on to Level III pursuing a Degree in Ministerial Studies (qualifying you to apply for ordination upon graduation). Level 1 is a prerequisite for achieving the Ministerial Studies Degree (Level III).


Course Listing:

  • Conversion and Calling

  • The Kingdom of God

  • Theology of the Church

  • Foundations for Christian Mission

  • Bible Interpretation

  • God the Father

  • Foundations for Christian Leadership

  • Evangelism & Spiritual Warfare

  • The OT Witness to Christ and His Kingdom

  • God the Son

  • Practicing Christian Leadership

  • Focus on Reproduction

  • The NT Witness to Christ and His Kingdom

  • God the Holy Spirit

  • The Equipping Ministry

  • Doing Justice and Loving Mercy

“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.”

Proverbs 4:7 King James Version (KJV)

Contact Us

Considering attending? Reach out to us with your questions.

3128 Chippewa St
St. Louis, 63118


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